Maiden Erlegh Painting Volunteers
  Next Saturdays & Sundays: 19th/20th and 26th/27th November 2016 contact MEPV@MESPA.ORG.UK for further details. Location: follow signs on the day.

See map for where we are painting next


Who are we?

A group of parents that give 3 or more hours of our time over 4 days a year to decorate the school in March and November


Why do we do it?

All schools have a limited budget to work with. By donating our time we save Maiden Erlegh thousands of pounds a year that the school can put towards other projects that all our children will benefit from.


What do the children get out of it?

Even children secretly like to work in clean environments, though they may not admit it. Teachers and pupils feedback that they like nice fresh painted classrooms to work in


But I’m not a professional painter!

None of us are, if you can clean a wall and can hold a brush or roller then you can contribute. Some people have even had a go first on these days then decided its so easy that they have gone onto paint their own homes.


Get to meet other parents!

Now that we don’t need to walk our kids to school any more, this is also a great way to chat and meet with other parents. It’s an excellent way to find out more about the school and what’s going on.



I’m really busy, I don’t have time!

At the moment there is a core of about 30-40 parents which donate about 120 painting hours a year. There are 1800 pupils at Maiden Erlegh, if just one parent gave 3 hours of their time during their child’s 5 years at the school that’s a over a 1000 painting hours a year!


What a huge difference we could make and so much more money could go to other things for our children! To volunteer please send an email MEPV@MESPA.ORG.UK with your name and phone details.



    Sorry we cant accept children to help paint due to health and safety regulations.